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Property Hotline for Real Estate & Mortgage Companies

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Market Properties & Capture Buyer Leads 24/7

Property HotlineINFOVOX™ Real Estate Assistant IVR System is designed to provide consumers with prerecorded information about properties for sale or rent as well as generate leads for listing Agents.
Callers can interact with the System and retrieve information on properties that may be advertised in the newspaper, MLS or Lawn sign.

INFOVOX™ assigns to each property a 3 or 4 digit property code and REALTORS® have an option to record detailed description of the property or use an optional Text To Speech Module that will automatically convert typed property description into a natural sounding human voice.

On request, INFOVOX™ delivers associated property profile via fax. This fax may contain floor plans, financial information or REALTOR® background and credentials.

It's like having an open house 24 hours a day!

Additionally, each property box provides the caller with the options to move to another property box or be directly connected to the Agent during the same call. And regardless of whether the caller leaves a message or hangs up after listening to the property description, INFOVOX™ will capture caller's name and phone number using Caller ID service as well as the Caller's address if it is listed in the online directory.

Thousands of potential buyers are reading newspaper ads or see house signs "FOR SALE", only few will call the REALTOR® directly for more information, others either don't want to talk to a salesperson or are afraid that the house is out of their price range. Even those who would like to call might not reach the Agent in the office or they may be reading the ad late in the evening.

With INFOVOX™ Real Estate Hotline REALTORS® are in business even in the middle of the night, and callers know that this is a recording and they will not hesitate to call anytime.

Tens of thousands of REALTORS® around the country who are using either their own systems or service, already realized the benefits of this advanced technology.
They report that the average number of inquiries is 10 - 30 per month per listing.
That's a lot of exposure for the listing agent and they also get a list of names and phone numbers of all callers! Is there any other way REALTORS® can get this many qualified leads?

INFOVOX™ Real Estate Hotline is a great listing tool too. Every seller wants a special treatment for his house. In order to survive in this competitive business REALTORS® need to give sellers something special, the high tech edge that other agents don't have.

INFOVOX™ Real Estate Hotline Features
  • State of the Art IVR System scalable from 4 - 96 voice ports (phone lines)

  • Professional Real Estate Hotline software with full featured Voice Mail / Auto Attendant with best in the industry Dialogic® Voice Processing Cards

  • Fax on Demand (property profile via fax / Agent reports via fax, optional)
    Special Features: repeat caller do not have do enter their fax number (it's stored in a database).
    To identify the recipient System will automatically print Caller's Name on the fax cover page.

  • Up to 1,000,000 Property Information Boxes and up to 100,000 Agents can share INFOVOX™ Real Estate Hotline System

  • Automatic Caller ID Capture (INFOVOX™ captures caller's name, phone number and even address,
    if it is listed).
    Information about every caller is stored in a database including: Caller's Name, Caller's Phone Number, Caller's Fax Number, Number of times Caller called the System, Last Date Called.

  • Direct Connect to the Agent / Seller or record a message in the Voice Mail Box

  • Property search by location, price range, property type (for sale or for rent)
    Flexible Search Criteria (user can select to search properties by price, location, type or any combination of those search criteria)
    Flexible Property Sale Prices Ranges
    Flexible Property Rent Prices Ranges
    Property location could be selected from a menu of choices (up to 9 locations) or Property location could be spelled via touch-tone keypad (unlimited number of locations).
    Locations could be clustered into Areas to limit search results.

  • Property descriptions are rotating giving each property equal exposure.

  • Advertisement Tracking Feature allows Agents to track calls from up to 10 different advertising sources such as: newspapers, radio, house signs, MLS, etc.
    By advertising the same property in different media Agents can pinpoint the advertising sources that generate leads and eliminate those that don't.

  • Main Menu could play unlimited number of rotating Sponsor messages.

  • Buyer's, Seller's & Financing Guides.
    Each Guide can have unlimited number of rotating Sponsors with the ability to play Sponsor's greeting, Sponsor's offer and to be directly connected to the Sponsor.
    Each Guide can play a promotional sales pitch as well as it can send an optional printed information sheet via fax.

  • Mortgage Calculator calculates monthly mortgage payments based on the principal amount, APR and term of the mortgage.

  • Agents have remote access to Voice Mail and Property Information Boxes
    Remote Functions: Record / Play Property Description
    Change asking price (without re recording the description)
    Play Statistics (calls, faxes and messages count)
    from all or a particular advertising source.
    Request Detailed Reports via fax (including Caller ID)
    Delete Property Box
    Create New Property Box
    Change Password
    Check Voice Mail Messages

  • Full Featured Voice Mail Module includes:
    Multiple Call Transfers
    Call Forwarding
    Multiple Call Notification to a phone, tone or digital pager
    Email delivery of voice mail messages as WAV files
    Each message is stamped with Caller's Phone Number (obtained from Caller ID) as well as the date and time of the message.

  • Text to Speech (TTS) Option.
    State of the Art Text To Speech Module is available to convert printed text into very natural sounding human voice (male or female)
                                 male voice TTS female voice TTS     

  • Broker / Seller Hotline Module Option - provides Brokers with property specific information, lock box status, property availability, option to connect to the listing agent or property owner, up to 7 different fax documents, ability to screen and block calls and much more.

  • Reverse Caller's Address Lookup and Append. Every time a prospect calls INFOVOX™ System his or her Caller ID information will be reverse searched via online Phone Directory to lookup and append Caller's Address (if listed in the online directory)

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