About InfoServ USA, Inc.

Company History & Mission

InfoServ USA - putting you a step ahead of the competition! 

Company History

antique phoneWhen InfoServ USA, Inc. was started in 1992, not too many people knew what IVR means.
Over the years we have developed numerous IVR Systems and Services for various vertical markets as well as unique custom IVR Applications.
Our INFOVOX™ IVR Systems have been deployed on 3 continents providing services in multiple languages.Banner

Our clientele ranges from entrepreneurs starting a small business to National Service Bureaus, Auto Dealerships, Lending Institutions, Mortgage and Real Estate Companies.
In 2001 we launched hosted PhoneLeads™ Credit Hotline Service that was specifically designed for Auto Dealers and Mortgage Companies to pre-qualify consumers for a car or home loan, save processing time and generate leads from their advertising campaigns.

Our Philosophy

We understand that for many companies phone communication is the lifeblood of their business and that's why we take very seriously when it comes to customer service and support. We don't have bankers hours - if you have a problem, rest assured that we'll do everything in our power to assist you ASAP whether it happens during business hours or on a holiday weekend.

Where we're going

Currently we are working on a new hosted IVR service that will allow Rental Property Managers, REALTORS® and FSBOs to market properties for rent or sale and save them valuable time by providing pertinent information about the property 24/7 as well as generate new prospect leads.

With the recent release of the 855 toll-free area code, we have acquired premium Toll-Free Vanity Numbers for the Automotive, Real Estate and other industries. It is now a rare opportunity for any type of business to acquire a toll -free vanity number that spells their Company Name, Brand, Product or Service they are offering. Please contact us ASAP to check if the number you are looking for is till available.Testimonials


Here is what Used Car Dealer Magazine and a some of our clients said about our IVR Systems and Services and support they receive from InfoServ USA, Inc.

CIM logo "I would like to convey the experience we have enjoyed since the inception of our relationship with
InfoServ USA, Inc.
We have purchased one of your Industrial Grade INFOVOX™ Loan by Phone IVR Systems for $75,000 in the spring of 1999 to function as a Service Bureau with T1 and DID lines.
Within the first year we were billing in one month more than what we paid for your equipment.
11 years later I just want to say that the quality of service we have received from InfoServ has been unequaled by any other hardware and software vendor we have done business with to date.
Because of our satisfaction with the quality of service and equipment provided by InfoServ USA, we look forward to expanding the products and services provided by your State of the Art equipment.
Please feel free to use this letter toward developing future InfoServ USA customers."

Anthony B. Kinnear
President, Corporate Image Marketing, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA
Chris Leith Logo"Before we purchased INFOVOX™ we were using Dictaphone® Loan by Phone System.
Our finance managers were spending 10 minutes per application, retrieving verbal responses from the Dictaphone® System. It was a tedious and time-consuming process.
INFOVOX™ prints out a complete credit application, automatically captures caller's name, the number he is calling from and it can even disqualify the applicant if he does not meet our criteria.
INFOVOX™ is delivered completely pre configured and does not require any supervision; all we have to do is to pick up the credit applications as they are being printed.
Thanks to INFOVOX™, last month we moved 78 cars, it was our best month ever.
I would highly recommend INFOVOX™ to any size dealership."

Glen Cogliati, Director of Finance
Chris Leith Chevrolet, Wake Forest, NC
Elite Motors Logo“Since we started using INFOVOX™ Credit Hotline System our sales increased by 20%.
The first month INFOVOX™ brought us 290 leads.
We sold 35 cars off those leads at a gross profit of over $70,000.
As it turned out, INFOVOX™ paid for itself in just 8 days, and now it prints out pre qualified leads around the clock that cost us nothing.
Before we were considering a service bureau that charges $4.00 per application, but now we realize that it would've cost us over $14,000 a year!
We are very happy with INFOVOX and the support we receive whenever we need it.”

Terry Casey, General Sales Manager
Elite Motors, Marietta, GA
Wolfe Mazda Logo"Wolfe’s Mazda was one of the first dealerships in Canada to use the Credit Hotline for subprime finance and we are glad that we’ve chosen the right system – INFOVOX™ Credit Hotline."

Ray Campbell, Finance Manager
Wolfe’s Mazda, Vancouver, BC Canada
Trading Earth Logo"The level of service that you have provided over the years is above reproach.
Thank you!"

Ravinell Wilson, President
Trading Earth Real Estate, Mobile, AL
MenuFax logo "I don't know if you get many of these types of letters, but I just wanted to say thank you for always being there with the projects we've done over the years. Thank you for being there when I call. It's so very much appreciated and I don't know if any of your clients really appreciate this, because in today's society companies have a voice mail barriers that really discourage any type of customer support. This seems to happen more often than not.
But with you it's different, you are always there, which installs so much confidence that I even fax you checks which by the way I would never do with anyone.
I hope when you ever prospecting for new business, you use me as a testimonial because you most definitely have my respect.
So, I'll close this letter by saying once again: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

Eddie De La Cruz
CEO / President MenuFax, Inc., New York, NY
Blue Coyote Media Group, Miami, FL
San Jose, Costa Rica
logo_myhomespot"InfoVox™ is the most stable, robust and easily administrated hotline system on the market.
My system has taken more than 12,316 calls without having to be reset, reconfigured or even touched by technical support.
This system has allowed me dramatically improve customer service.
All my calls are answered in 2 rings, they get all the information I want them to have in a timely and organized manner, the customer has the choice of talking to us anytime at the push of a button.
My customers love it, I am saving thousands of dollars in the first year in payroll and my phones are answered reliably 24hrs a day.
Try it yourself and call (850) 453-8350."

Glenn Dorsey, President
A Real Estate Sales & Mgmt Co.
Pensacola, FL