PhoneLeads™ Auto Credit Hotline & Loan by Phone Service

Toll-Free Hotline to capture car buyers leads and pre-qualify prospects for a loan

Never miss a single prospect with PhoneLeads™ Credit Hotline Service 

PhoneLeads HotlinephoneAuto Credit Hotlines & Loan by Phone Services are very popular among auto dealers all over the country because they offer a no hassle, no embarrassment way for a prospective car buyer to apply for a car loan.
Over 63% of the population had some credit problems in the past and do not qualify for conventional financing (source NADA).
PhoneLeads™ Credit Hotline service allows people with credit problems to apply for a car loan 24 hours a day without fear or embarrassment to discuss their credit problems with a sales person.

And it's not just for people with credit problems - more and more auto dealers are using PhoneLeads™ Hotline to capture prime leads from various advertising sources.
Discover the tremendous potential of the PhoneLeads™ Hotline to generate pre-qualified leads around the clock, without tying up your sales personnel or hiring a telemarketing agency to take and process calls.
If your Dealership runs TV commercials or infomercials having a PhoneLeads™ Hotline is a must. Don't assume your sales personnel will be able to take all phone calls - they might not be able to handle the phone traffic. A successful TV spot or infomercial will generate dozens of calls coming in at the same time - neither your in-house phone system nor your sales people will be able to take all those calls at once - that's where PhoneLeads™ Hotline Service fills the gap - it can take hundreds of calls simultaneously, collect customer's contact information and / or pre-qualify them for a car loan if needed.
If you have a BDC department, PhoneLeads™ Hotline will be your most valuable tool to pre-qualify consumers based on your criteria such as minimum income required, minimum downpaymyment required and disqulify those prospects who don't meet your criteria thus saving you valuable time.

Here how it works: We assign your Dealership an exclusive toll free easy to remember vanity number, e.g.

888-DRIVE-88 866-YES-FOR-ME 866-MY-CAR-LOAN 800-840-4CAR
866-I-GOT-A-LOAN 866-KEYS-4-ME 866-CAR-FOR-ME 866-LOAN-007
866-LOAN-NOW 866-YES-FOR-ME 866-YES-4-LOAN 866-50-CREDIT
866-TO-DRIVE 866-321-KEYS 800-530-4CAR 866-DRIVE-01
800-530-4CAR 866-OWN-A-CAR 877-LOANS-15 866-40-CARRO
  • Prospects call your advertised territory exclusive toll free vanity number.

  • Our state of the art INFOVOX™ Credit Hotline IVR System interviews the prospect 24/7.

  • Your dealership immediately receives the credit application via fax, e-mail or CRM upload.

  • All calls from each auto dealer's market (selected either by Area Code (s) or ZIP Codes) are routed via T1 to INFOVOX™ IVR System.

  • INFOVOX™ is a fully redundant Digital Interactive Voice Response System that automatically captures caller's phone number allowing the sales person to follow up even if the caller hangs up without leaving his name so you never lose a single lead.

  • Bi-Lingual Support: English and Spanish. Professionally recorded voice prompts in either male or female voice.
    Custom dealership opening greeting and closing statement.

  • Custom selected pre - qualifying questions. Custom selected disqualifying criteria (we can automatically disqualify the applicant if he is under 18 years of age, has lower than specified income, downpayment, declared bankruptcy, unemployed and so on.

  • Advertisement Tracking Feature allows to track calls from up to 6 different advertising sources such as: newspapers, radio, TV, AutoTrader, AutoShopper, etc. By advertising the toll-free vanity number in different media, dealers can easily pinpoint the advertising sources that generate leads and eliminate those that don't.

  • All prompts are GLB compliant

  • Leads are delivered as soon as the caller hangs up via email, fax or your CRM upload.

  • Comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reports including detailed call report, time of the day report, day of the week report, day of the month report, area codes report, advertising source report.

  • Advanced leads distribution between multiple stores in your Dealership.

  • 6 pricing plans to meet your budget with cost per lead as low as $1.50. No Contracts - month to month service.
    Account activated within 30 minutes.

  • Live Operators service is available in addition to the automated service.

  • We can also produce a custom TV Infomercials in your dealership for a Turn Key Lead Generation and Lead Capture Solution.

  • If you prefer to own an in-store Turn Key INFOVOX™ Credit Hotline IVR System, they are available for purchase or lease.
    Since you own the System , there are no monthly fees, no per lead fees, no setup fees.

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