InfoVox™ Auto Credit Hotline IVR System

Loan by Phone & Lead Capture for Auto Dealers

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Infovox™ Account Setup

Infovox™ Account Setup
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Infovox™ Questions Setup
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Infovox™ Ad Sources Setup
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Pre-qualify buyers for a car loan 24/7 without any monthly fees

Property HotlineINFOVOX™ Auto Credit Hotline IVR System is designed to accept credit applications over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Credit Hotline saves auto dealers time by pre qualifying credit applicants and significantly increases the effectiveness of their advertising campaign.

After the potential customer answers the qualifying questions, INFOVOX™ immediately prints the credit application giving the sales people the opportunity to acquire customers who may have never responded to other advertising campaigns.

The automated credit hotline gives your customers the opportunity to respond immediately to your printed, TV or radio advertising by calling your INFOVOX™ System at their leisure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With INFOVOX™ Credit Hotline System you can now advertise: Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, No Pressure, No Hassle, No Embarrassment, No Paperwork, Totally Confidential, Instant on the Spot Credit Approval. Now with minimum effort your Dealership can generate low cost leads never before possible.

When calling INFOVOX™ Auto Credit Hotline System, the potential customer hears the dealership's custom greeting and the instructions on how to use Credit Hotline. INFOVOX™ automatically captures the phone number the customer is calling from and asks if this is the customer's home, cell or work number. Caller responds by using his or her touch-tone phone. After the interview is complete, INFOVOX™ creates a report and prints it out immediately.

INFOVOX™ Auto Credit Hotline could be customized to ask some or all qualifying questions such as:

Home / Cell / Work Numbers Best Time to Call Caller's Age / DOB
Employment Status How Long Employed Monthly Income
Desired Vehicle Down Payment Available Desired Monthly Payments
Delivery Time Frame Trade In Plans Bankruptcy History
Repossession History Home Owner / Renter Time at Current Address
Caller's Name and Address Social Security Number Credit Check Authorization

Unlike some basic voice mail systems that require transcription of the caller's recordings, INFOVOX™ Credit Hotline System translates all touch-tone inputs into plain English printed report that makes it easy to work with.

Thousands of auto dealers have already realized the enormous potential of this technology that helps them sell more cars than ever before.
Pick up any metro newspaper and you'll see dozens of ads advertising 24 hour Automated Credit Hotlines. Those ads generate 100s of sales leads every month!  Is there any other way to get so many pre-qualified leads?

 The reason people respond to the credit hotline ads is because this is the easiest way to apply for a credit any time day or night, with no applications to fill out and without the embarrassment to discuss their past credit problems with a sales person.

 However, since the majority of Auto Dealers are using service bureaus to collect credit applications, they are paying $3 - $5 per application received plus $100 - $200 monthly maintenance and setup fees that could add up to thousands of dollars month after month for as long as they are using the service.

  INFOVOX™ Auto Credit Hotline is a TurnKey Voice Processing System that is installed at the dealership and is owned by the dealership. Because the dealership owns the INFOVOX™ Auto Credit Hotline System there's no per call charges, no installation, no maintenance or setup fees, not to mention that the dealer is in total control and is free to ask any pre qualifying questions not just those that are offered by the service bureau.

INFOVOX™ Auto Credit Hotline Features
  • State of the Art IVR System scalable from 4 - 96 voice ports (phone lines). Analog or Digital.

  • Professional Auto Credit Hotline software with full featured Voice Mail / Auto Attendant and the best in the industry Dialogic® Voice Processing Cards.

  • Automated Caller ID capture. INFOVOX™ automatically captures caller's name and the number he is calling from, allowing the sales person to follow up even if the caller hangs up without leaving his name.

  • Auto Print Feature (credit applications are automatically printed after caller hangs up).

  • User Defined Pre - qualifying questions. Select from 26 questions.

  • User Defined Disqualifying criteria (INFOVOX™ can automatically disqualify the applicant if he is under 18 years of age, has lower than specified income, down payment, declared bankruptcy, had a repossession.)

  • Advertisement Tracking Feature allows Dealers to track calls from up to 6 different advertising sources such as: newspapers, radio, TV, etc. By advertising the Credit Hotline number in different media Dealers can pinpoint the advertising sources that generate leads and eliminate those that don't.

  • Bi-Lingual Support. Callers can select to apply in English or Spanish.

  • For a demo please call 1-866-DEMO-LOAN

If you prefer a hosted Credit Hotline Service with no equipment to buy,  PhoneLeads™ Credit Hotline Service is available on a month to month basis with packages starting at $195 and cost per lead as low as $1.50.

Please call 1-800-555-0038 ext. 201
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